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Free Virus Protection

Free Virus Protection

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How to keep yourself covered on the cheap


Why we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials

It is cheap

It is available on the Microsoft Download Center for free. Versions are available for just about every version of windows.

It is lightweight

Version 4 has been updated and keeps resource usage down to a minimum, even when scanning.

It is licensed for business use

Microsoft Security Essentials is available for small businesses with up to 10 PCs.

Windows update keeps it up-to-date.

Other anti-virus products can become annoying with their constant nagging. Windows update will make sure that your definitions and software are up to date.

“Set it and forget it.”

Once setup with windows updates and live protection, you probably won’t see another popup until a suspicious file is detected.


Where can I get it?



P.S.This recommendation does not apply to our Managed Services clients, this is simply a free virus protection solution for others.



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