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Online Backup & File Storage

Online Backup & File Storage

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What’s The Best Way to Back Up My Data for the Long Haul?

How using a cloud service is the most practical solution.


With the plethora of cloud services offered today, your documents and photos can be backed up offsite for free.

Although limited, Dropbox offers free file storage space to the internet. The software application will automatically backup the folders you select to their servers. Even more useful, is the ability to sync files and folders across multiple computers. Gone are the days of worrying about hard drive failure. Dropbox offers up to 500 MB extra per referral, offering up to 18 GB free in total.


Useful Features:
Photo sync: This software can also be installed on your smartphone and setup to automatically backup your phones photos to your Mac or PC, as well as giving you the ability to access any of your files on the go.

LAN Sync: LAN data sync is a relatively new feature in Dropbox but might save you a significant amount of bandwidth if several of your computers live on the same network. Make sure you haveEnable LAN Sync checked in Dropbox’s preferences to use this feature. When your computers are connected to the same network, they’ll sync files that way rather than both uploading and downloading from the web.

Selective Folder Sync: allows you to select which folders will be synced from the machine you’re currently working on.

Replacement documents folder: use Dropbox as your documents folder and never leave home without the files you need again. Makes sure that your files are wherever you are.

.torrent file sync: For our advanced users, one has the ability to setup a folder sync that will automatically force downloads on your torrent machine.


Dropbox offers all of this for free, and their paid service is pretty cheap too.


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